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A lemon-lime flavoured pop that apparently kills sperm cells.
Horny girl: Do u have a condom?

Horny guy: Nope, but I have a mountain dew.
by srb23 December 29, 2006

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Chris Brown is another R&B singer who sounds the same as every other R&B singer out there (most of them do). The only difference is that his voice is more whiny and irratating. He acts like he's straight up out da hood, but he really grew up in a rich neighbourhood. He's a fraud who talks about Hummers and other expensive cars, but he doesn't even have his licence yet. He also says that he's a better dancer than the much more talented Usher. Chris Brown is a joke. He can't sing, he lacks originality, he stalks women in his videos, and he's full of himself. For some unknown reason, girls like him. He looks like a monkey. He's also a fruit. In no way does he come close to Michael Jackson.
Dunce teenage girl: Chris Brown is so cute!!!!

Me: Chris Brown is a gay, fake, untalented, stalking, monkey-looking fad.
by srb23 December 29, 2006

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