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When someone has a new kid, pet, etc. and won't shut up about them. Bonus points when it's their first time having a kid/pet/etc. (referred to as 'pet' from now on for clarity)

They tend to highlight every little thing the pet does as amazing/cute/adorable/etc...

Asks you if you also think that it's awesome that it dod something constantly and seems to forget that they asked you the same question mere moments ago.
Also can't sit for 5 minutes without noticing something the pet did or how it's doing.

They'll point out something about the pet and how it's special and that very few other pets have this awesome and desirable trait.

If it wears off in a month, they were probably under the influence of insufferable new mom syndrome.
A: Look at Mr. Whiskers! Isn't he so adorable? (repeat x100)

B: Dude, you're being an insufferable new mom.

A: But look! Isn't he just the cutest!?
by spmtn March 12, 2022
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