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The male parent of a child who is normally screwed out of a child's life and has little to no hope to get custody of his little one(s) because all of his hard earned money is taken and given to the the mother to support her bad habbits while the grandmother (usually on the mothere's side) takes care of and supports the child, leaving him out of all the important things, such as first steps, birthdays, holloween, etc.
A person who feels like a failure when trying to put together a care package because he has no clue what the child will be interested simply do to the lack of communication. Often givin a bad name and called a dead beat, even though all attempts to see the child(children) are disbanned by the parent usually saying that the child has no intrest in seeing him.
Who's only hope of knowing anything about the child is a vague text message once a month if not longer.
Mother - Niki doesn't know you, she doesn't even want anything to do with you

Dad - she's only a year old. I can still be a part of her life If only you'd tell me where you moved to.

Mother- well she's with my parents the next town over

Dad - So what you're not taking care of her?

Mother- I'm not ready for a child. It's to much responsibilty and I still want to party

Dad- Well what size clothes does she wear, and what kind of toys does she like?

Mother- the usual kids stuff and sizes.
by speak13270 March 21, 2009

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There are 3 types of tramp stamps

1) A tattoo no her lower back
2) A tongue piercing (especially if the barbell has beads with slutty sayings)
3) A navel piercing

Not all women who have tramp stamps are sluts. Some see it as a form of artwork. The main thing that tells you if they "get around" is what they choose to have done. For instance a tattoo on the lower back of a playboy bunny most likey means the women is easy.
1) tongue piercing that says "I swallow"
2) Navel Piercing that says "Hottie"
3) Lower back tattoo that states "sweet angel"

all are well known trampstamps
by speak13270 November 25, 2008

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Nothing that can be defined. It's a stereotype for those without one. Indie (independt) people are themselves and nothing else. Someone who's indie can shop wherever they want not just your local thrift store or no name record store. They can go to Hottopic or Ambercrombie and still be indie. They don't have a dress code. They don't have a style. They're just them.
A true Indie Will listen to SHFUX (yes that's a real band) and Good Charlotte, because they're truly independt and don't care what others think.
by Speak13270 August 30, 2008

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