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To seize and confine usually for a ransom. This can be done a few different ways: By force, by trickery, or by conking somone on the head and stuffing them in the trunk of your car.
The common tools used in a kidnapping are:
Don't forget though, when kidnapping someone try not to attack them while they're wearing high heeled shoes. They could wind up kicking you in the crotch/chest depending on your gender.
A common kidnap scene:

Mr. Doom: Hey kid, come over here.
Walter: What for mistah?
Mr. Doom: I want to give you something.
Walter: Okeedokee! ^_^
Mr. doom: *grabs kid and stuffs him into the trunk of his car*
Walter: Mmph...
Mr. Doom: I win. Huzzah!
by spaZmodius December 30, 2005
Cross between a moose and a fly. It makes a WWoonkbzzzzzp*
sound. At about an inch tall the moosefly is often considered to be either a very large fly, or a very small moose. They eat people...
spaZmodius: Hey. Look at that moose-fly. We should run.
Random onlooker: Nah. What a moose-fly gonna do? *get's eaten*
spaZmodius: Shit! Now how do I explain this to the president...
by spaZmodius November 4, 2005