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ok..its time for a neutral definition of Islam on here because attacking other religions when you don't truly understand their teachings is a bit childish, dontcha think? :)
1. islam tells women to do is to be obedient to their husbands and husbands have to be respectful and considerate towards their wives. most people don't follow this rule but that is just that has NOTHING to do with islam. most people think that the quran says 'its ok to hit women' it doesnt say that anywhere. different people have different interpretation of the same script. My interpretation doesn’t say anything like that
2. jihad is only allowed in islam if someone starts a war against your religion
3. in islam, you cant force people to do things they dont want to do.
4. fasting in islam (or going hungry from sunrise to sunset) is done to feel the pain of the poor. we also have to give out money to the poor and helpless every year to help them out. fasting is not useless, it teaches one patience and considerateness
5. people get angry and offended when someone makes fun of them and they have different ways of handling their anger. likewise, muslims do get offended when someone makes fun of their religion. i am not saying its ok for people to go around killing each other when they're offended but i am also not saying its ok for people to constantly put people down just because their religious views differ from yours. harassing people is just going to fuel unnecessary arguments.
islam is just like any other religion out there.
by someonethatcaresx April 24, 2010

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