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An amazingly sexy, beautiful girl who will take you forever to figure out. Matties can be very secretive, but always honest to those they care about. When Matties are happy, everyone around them feels happier. It's like a kind of light shines through them. But when Matties are sad, it almost breaks your heart. Matties have a different way of looking at everything, that will catch you off guard sometimes. Even when they don't show it, they are often extremely sensitive to other people's emotions. Matties are beautiful, hilarious, creative, and different as snowflakes. Usually have a very, very sexy body and gorgeous face that everyone notices. They are very direct and tend to say what is on their mind, but they can also be playful and adorable. They tend to be full of contradictions and are extremely complex. Matties tend to be amazing pole dancers and give the hottest lap dances. EVER. Though they are nice to everyone, they are very selective when it comes to dating, so if you are a lucky enough bastard to get one, don't ever let her go.
"Dude you know that Mattie chick with the big boobs?"
"Yeahh man she's f*ckin hilarious"
"Goddamn she's sexy."
"She's way out of your league!"
by someoneotherthanyourself December 18, 2011

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