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To go to bed after drinking most of the evening. The pouring action is used rather than a climbing or crawling action, as the person falls into the bed in a fluid manner similar to a header or a swan dive. This is often done with street clothes on, as most people pass out upon entering one's bedroom. It is also said that drunk people lack the coordination to change clothes.

Pouring into bed is typically followed by a hangover the next morning.
Person 1: "I had a good time at the party, but I think I had a few too many."
Person 2: "Have fun pouring into bed."
by solana July 7, 2007
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Similar to a Bridezilla, a Momzilla is highly controlling of the many elements to a wedding. Everything must be perfect for her child's day. This child is often the bride, but may sometimes be the groom. The excuse for being controlling and overbearing is usually that the Momzilla has paid for a large amount of the wedding expenses. Common conflicts in which Momzilla may attack include last-minute changes to plans, guests/party members who she does not like, and the bride and groom declaring that they do not like her ideas.
1. The mother-of-the-bride turned into Momzilla when her daughter said she wouldn't wear her grandmother's dress.

2. My friend's mother was upset that her ex-husband appeared at the wedding. Fortunately, a few drinks were enough to soothe Momzilla.
by solana July 11, 2007
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