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"El es solo un carajito!" or "He's just a kid" -Carajito or Carajita - is Venezuelan for small child.

Other's have defined it as negative connotation, but in Venezuelan slang, it's a neutral word whose connotation changes with the tone or other adjectives.

For example: "Que carajitos tan valientes!" means "What brave kids!" while the use of it with a threatening tone, like the one used by your mom as she screams "Para donde crees que vas, carajito!?" (When do you think you're going kid!?) when you're playing hookie or wanting to escape your house and you just got caught and she's about to throw the sandals at your face... that's a pretty good example of how it's used as a demeaning word.
"Que carajitos tan valientes!"
by socialquiver June 8, 2017
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