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When your friend misunderstands the lyrics of "stanky leg" which "makes zero sense" and decides that they are saying skanky leg - and she concludes this is when a person wheres a skirt with a very high split. One leg is covered and conservative. Modest. The other is a leg of the night. Or a college leg making poor choices (but will hopefully come to grow out of it). It's nice but a lil' "skanky". A "skanky leg". And, apparently it's worthy of a whole song and its very own dance.
"If you wild...do the skanky leg...if you're wide up, do the skanky leg....southside!" "look at Andrea doing the skanky leg dance." "did you see that girl at the bar? I'll bet they wrote the skanky leg song about her." "I can't dance to this. I don't know the skanky leg."
by snaddy k April 26, 2019
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