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Levittown, a suburb outside northeast Philadelphia. levittown is where the white gangsters live. they like to play with daddys guns. if you happen to set up a fight with someone with levittown be ready for the cops to be there before it even happens they all act like they never seen a fight before so they bring everyone including there brothers sisters mother and father with there grandparents. chilling at elementary schools and bridges is whats poppin nowadays. they only gun shots you hear in levittown is there piece o' shit Honda blow in out. if you have a honda civic and your tailpipe isn't totally cut off you are not a levittownian. spray painted hub caps are the shit. they also like to cut coils to make there car lower. dope right? you can also find any type of drug in levittown. legit. besides all the wanna be gangsters drug addicts and sluts, there are pretty cool people. just need to find the right ones. most of these people also hate levittown. not the people who are like cant stop L-town. what is there to stop? alot of good bikers come out of levittown. graffiti writers in levittown are toys. well most...LANGHORNE is where its at.
sounds like someone jsut ran over a recyle bin? no, it was a honda from levittown
by smoketreepaintstreets February 19, 2012
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