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The orange residue that results from Cheetos and similar snacks (i.e. Dorriotos)
Stay away from my computer, you've got cheetle all over your fingers.

Tommy came over Sean's and touched his white mac book after eating Cheetos, getting cheetle all over the keyboard
by smitten mittens September 21, 2009

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The platform that a punjabi (someone from the nations of Pakistan or India) place themselves on arrogantly, seemingly like they are from royalty.
The punjabi pumping my gas did not acknowledge my existence because he was unable to see me in my Ferrari all the way up on his punjabi pedestal, he only only muttered quite angrily, "cash o'credit"

The indian girl, who was hot by India's standards, walked around campus on her punjabi pedestal like she was some kind of Indian Princess
by smitten mittens September 11, 2009

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