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A Chad is very good looking, normally blonde and tan, like a a life size ken. They like to take care of themselves and work out a lot. They are pretty confident guys but need to be more assertive when they see pretty girls. For example, if they saw one at the gym they normally just lay back even though they want to get her number. A Chad is super thoughtful of others, always giving compliments. He is also a great boyfriend, and handles break ups well. He is what you could describe as a perfect 10. He sometimes has douche bag friends more like acquaintances, that normally would just ruin a guy, but with all his great qualities and heart warming smile its easy to look past.
Hey did you see that guy at Waffle Wednesday?
Yeah.. the cute blonde one
Oh, yeah, that's Chad

Boy 1- Someday I hope to grow up to be just like my Dad
Boy 2- Someday I hope to grow up to be like Chad

Holy! I saw the hottest guy today, he has way nice calves!
He must be a Chad
by smitherssmith November 17, 2012

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A man whore. Possibly the worst decision you could make in your life, aka life ruin-er. Aj's are tall and goofy. Athletic and for the most part funny. They are super cocky and not in a good way. They have bad tempers and a foul mouth. Most are cheaters and liars, probably sociopaths, but nothings been proven yet.They can be charming but its all a show, they'll pretend to like you just so they can get down your pants. I will admit their very clever but master manipulators. WARNING everything out of their mouth is either a lie, or a lie. They sometimes have good bodies but end up as chunkers. Ajs are huge jerks with no respect for women. You know the guy who murders their mom? that was probably an Aj. They are sex addicts who will use any girl. If you ever run into one, RUN THE OTHER WAY. Punch them in the nuts first, then run the other way.
Whoa, you hooked up with an Aj? Bad decision

Is it just me or does that guys face scream douche bag?
Is his name Aj?
Yeah, definitely screams douche bag.

I'm thinking about dating Aj
Ooh bad call, unless you wanna end up heartbroken with chlamydia I'd go for Chad
Good idea, Chad's a keeper.
by smitherssmith November 17, 2012

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