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The flaming amazon is when you are giving a girl the grizzle, and right before you twurk up in her drumette of love; you whip out your zippo, set her buckwheat farm on fire, then extinguish the flames with your gorilla juice.
I gave mrs. crabbush the flaming amazon, then choked the bitch with my donkey dick.
by smackdaddy August 16, 2006

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To accumulate days worth of nut butter while camping and not bathing while subsequently receiving oral pleasure from a female and caking your nut butter on her upper lip in the process.
After a long and sweaty day of camping, Rat took his bitch into the pines for a dirty camper, leaving a healthy lining of nut butter along her top lip.

After a week long camping excursion, the boys take to the town in search of lucky ladies to deposit their nut butter on.

Dirty Sanchez...that's disgusting. Dirty Campers are much more respectable.
by SmackDaddy September 21, 2015

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