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He's a loving old man that was strict raising his kids, but spoils his grandkids. He really is a softie if you give him a hug. He wears flannel shirts and cowboy boots, and you always find him with a hat on his head. His best friend is his dog. They go everywhere together. He only drinks cherry kool-aid and beer and his favorite meal is a cold can of Van Camp's Baked Beans. The volume on his TV is way too loud and he mutes the commercials. He's the smartest man in the world, with a 10th grade education, and he knows the answer to everything. He goes to bed early and reads intellegant books that he passes on to you. He's passionate and generous. You can always count on Grampa.
Grampa: "Those Bush's baked beans arent very good you know!"

Mom to child: "Hey get your Grampa a beer."

Grandkid: "I love my Grampa!"
by sm1l3s August 21, 2008

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