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A clink on a webpage that you can lick.
ie a spoonerism of clickable link
For more info there's a lickable clink in the description
by sloth242 January 11, 2010

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Term used by DJs: The two things you need to keep in mind when you are learning the art of DJing.
The catchphrase of Johnathon Lewis, aka 'ellaskins' aka the DJ Tutor.
It has been used by many top DJs, including Grandmaster Flash
So here are the Magic Words from the Legend of Youtube (ellaskins): Practise and N Joy

If you want to be any good, practise, practise, practise, and N Joy
by sloth242 May 20, 2009

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When everything comes together perfectly so you can chill out.
Serendipity meets diggety
The sun was out, I had the day off work, and a friend called round out of the blue with a crate of beer.
by sloth242 May 20, 2009

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