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A drink that you buy in san francisco liquor stores. its 2 tiny bacardi limon's 1 seagrams gin and a red bull. it is sold along with a styrafoam cup a bag of ice a straw and lid.
Yo! you grabbing anything to drink before the club?

Yea, im gonna slide through the store and grab me a high speed.

Yo, grab me one too!!

fa sho
by sleezy415 May 25, 2010

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Slang for powder cocaine. Originated from the term "white girl" used by E-40 and other bay area rappers. Another nickname is Vana White...or you could use any famous white girl that is skinny enough to snort like a line of coke.
I dont want no p*ssy, I dont want no head.... But you can get a sack of that purple stuff, some gin and a bag of that Hilary Duff! -Messy Marv
by sleezy415 October 08, 2010

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