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Someone whom only drinks very expensive bottled water...
That woman is a crazy Water Snob she paid $15.00 for a bottle of water.
by slamhounder February 16, 2011

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An itch in the crotch or vaginal area of a female...
I need to get some ointment I have an itch in my ditch...
by slamhounder August 04, 2010

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The act of eating any greasy deep fried food commonly found at carnivals, state fairs, stock car races, monster truck shows and live wrestling (WWE) that coats the lips of the eater in a manner that makes it appear they are wearing lip gloss...
Look at that chick scarf down that corn dog after she finishes it she's gonna have herself some white trash lip gloss...
by slamhounder February 21, 2012

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Rolling on the floor laughing my lesbian ass off.
i was ROTFLMLAO after someone told me a dirty joke.
by slamhounder April 02, 2010

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Someone who is extremely nice to a Police Officer even when the Police Officer is being a jerk...
That Dude is a Cop KIsser he thanked the Officer for giving him a ticket for Jay Walking at 3AM on a Sunday...
by slamhounder November 26, 2010

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