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The day after all the New Year's parties and celebrations. People are usual too hungover to begin turning around there lives like they promised themselves just a couple of days ago.
Mark: Jake wake up! You have rent due, and your gym membership starts today!

Jake: ugh, but its national hangover day.. *vomits*

Mark: Goddamn it Jake.
by sladyconesmom December 31, 2015
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When your armpit is so fat the excess skin resembles the meat curtains (vagina) of a 50 year old woman.
Mom: Cindy wear a long sleeve shirt!

Cindy: Why?
Mom: Beacause your pitgina is showing!
Cindy: Mom, you're an asshole..
by sladyconesmom January 1, 2015
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Habersham is a county located in the northeastern part of the state of Georgia. Habersham's biggest exports are racism, depression, football loses, and meth heads. The 'Sham' has many exciting things to be found, especially if you like goddamn trees and shanky redneck whores. The biggest tourist attraction is the Walmart Supercenter perfect for those fancy date nights with your sweetheart! The dress code is wife beaters and boots, no pants. Come explore! Unless you're gay, Hispanic, black, bi, handicap, Jewish, Muslim, or voted for Obama in the last election.
I'd rather be scrubbing the shitter at any truck stop gas station with my tongue then live in Habersham.
by sladyconesmom December 10, 2014
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