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This high school in Utah has all types of people. the girls are either molly mormons, hoes, vsco girls, or “edgy.” there are so many crackhead it’s not funny everyone vapes and gets high during school and in class you’ll see stoned people and people who literally vape in class. there are “ghetto” white boys who think they can fight and are allowed to say the N word. there are fake people that switch up on you left and right and you can’t trust anyone. people are using mental illnesses as a personality trait and you can only be “popular” or hang out with them if you wear brandy melville and have blonde shiny hair. the boys are mormon fboys that asknfor nudes 24/7 and do drugs. the teachers don’t do anything to stop this and it just a bad environment to be in all around. no one cares about education and skipping class is an everyday thing.
person : what school do you go to ?

me : the gay ass school Alta High School
by skjskjskjsandioopandioop August 09, 2019

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