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Possibly the most pretentious sport in the universe. In ski racing there are around 1,000 constantly changing rules that everyone is an expert on. Coaches, racers, parents, officals and your mother-in-law believe that they are the only one that truely understands the sport. Have you ever seen 2 retired 64 year old men get in a fist fight over how a course is set? Well welcome to ski racing fuck nuts! Expect to see more where that came from.

Ski racing is wicked fun. Get ready for exhilarating moments like straping on your skin tight suit and stand on top of a god damn mountain for an hour in -50 degree weather. Don't worry though, it'll all be worth it for the crushing disappointment when you barely tip a gate in the flush and send yourself flying into b-net. No second run either, fuck you, you're an adult now.

Parents are honestly the craziest people in sport of ski racing though. "Ok Timmy, you're 8 years old now so it's time to bolt you onto a couple planks and send you off with a stranger to hurdle down a hill with 20 other 8 year old!" That is honestly the mind set... Fucking crazy!

... I love this sport.
Ski racing is for fags but also happens to be wicked fun
by skitheeastyeti October 25, 2018
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Possibly the strangest state in the U.S. of A. Have you ever wanted to visit a cute, rich costal town but still be able to drive 20 minutes in order to see a shithole ghetto? Want to attend a gay pride parade and Nazi party rally in a day? How about beautiful mountain regions to abandoned, trashed cities? Then holy fuck Maine is the place for you!

Also has dairy farming, Moxie and lobster!
Maine: If you're not in the hills or on the coast, look out for fentanyl syringes lining the streets.
by skitheeastyeti October 22, 2018
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