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A fit of rage, often filled with obscene language and derogatory remarks released upon another individual or individuals, often unjustifiably and most times ending in violence. There is a high probability of the police being notified and/or appearing shortly after.
Karla urged Ryan to unleash all his White Trash Fury on the guy who accidentally bumped into her at the local karaoke bar, spilling her beer.
by sinsix November 11, 2009
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A set of teeth that are discolored and rotten. Often, many or all of them are missing. Primarily found in West Virginia, Kentucky and other Appalachian states.
While traveling through Wheeling, WV, on vacation, I went inside a service station to pay for my fuel and saw a gorgeous girl behind the counter. I decided to flirt with her a little, up until the point she smiled, revealing her hideous mountain teeth. I left.
by sinsix February 10, 2010
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