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*ahem* throat clearing is an asexual phallic symbol. but on a more serious note - the action of throat clearing is similar to the action of yawning. it just so happens that throat clearing seems to carry connotations opposite to those of yawning. yawning says things like "we get along so well that we don't even need to talk" whereas coughing says things like "our relationship is sick". of course there are those who use the word sick in a positive manner of speaking...share the wealth and stuff...you know.
every once in awhile these things happen:

=: socialized throat clearing (coughing) during extracurricular activities.
=: sickness . know?
=: burping (often...or after a good meal...or on the alphabet fuck || farm -> a.k.a. communication).
=: sometimes you have to control the weather and blow the buggers out of the water...and out of your life. |who sunk my battle ship|can guide/disarm a missile using their 1337 mind control over red negative energy||
=: spraying it, not saying it, yet in a semi-appropriate (or perhaps merely an uncontested) manner.
by simonizer May 31, 2008
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