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A fake country located in Europe, it is usually used by Omegle users from around the globe to fool kids and people from the states.
Unfortunately I managed to convince over 100 american people that this country actually exist, therefore Im proud to be an Israel\Canadian!
Stranger: Hey!
Me: hello there!
Stranger: Im from Texas you?
Me: Girland
Stranger: cool where is that?
Me: Europe

Me: like right above France...
Stranger: Cool !! teach me something in girlandian!!
Me: Ani Zona

Stranger: whats that?!?
Me: it means I'm beautiful
Stranger: Ohh so I'm such a Ani Zona girl ;)
Me: oh yes you are you dirty slut!

*for those who don't understand Ani Zona= Im a slut (in hebrew)
by silverXD May 28, 2010

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It the unknown and something that cannot be explained,
it can also be used as a way to censor the word fuck in a more intresting way.
but mostly it is used to annoy people who do not know the meaning of the word.
Now that was a shomk!

What the shomk are you doing !??!?

You don't know what shomk is?? what are the hell are you?
ok man look shomk is like... potatoes cominbed with heroin and hardcore dancing in rainy day on a boat mid way to the atlantic ocean but not yet there!
by SilverXD May 27, 2010

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