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A restaurant that serves endless Breadsticks as well as dipping sauces but not soup. They also sell cinnamon breadsticks which are very similar to the normal breadsticks except their made with cinnamon. I cannot stress enough that they do not sell Soup.
Person1: Wow! Snarfington's soup is really good!
Person2: Snarfington's doesn't have soup you idiot! It's dipping sauce!

Person1: I'm sorry I didn't know... it was an accident
Person2: you've failed me for the last time!
Person1: please sir, I'm sorry.....NOOOOOOOO!
Person2: snarf...Snarfingtons
by shypolarbear March 04, 2013
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Derived from the root word sloshed. Occurs when one drinks enough alcohol to surpass the point of being sloshed and experiences an elevated level of drunkenness. Those experiencing this state may experience one of the following side effects: start repeating jokes, demanding celeb shots in pong, and might attempt to flip cutlery in the kitchen, or challenging any/all partygoers to shotgun race.
*Guy walks into party and yells

Guy 1: Let's get sloshed!

Rest of Party: WOOOO

*President Obama enters party

Obama: No,... Lets get Sloshbuckled!
*All hell breaks lose

Rest of Party: Thanks Obama!
by shypolarbear November 24, 2015
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