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Streamwood High School, Where to start? The annoying skanky freshman that swarm the hallways with their teased extended dead hair and undersized clothing & brains that talk about how great their weekend was cause it was filled with smoking and drinking! cool kids! Or should i begin with the sophomores that think they're cool , but really they're still under classmen, and they still suck. Or wait! the juniors! Those cocky ass fuckers that are just so proud that they can drive and go out to party on weekends. Or should i just talk about the seniors? No, actually i don't want to talk about them. No one cares that you're leaving high school so stop rubbing it in to all of us that have more time in the hell hole we attend five days a week. Hmmm maybe i'll just go straight to the pregnant mexicans & sleazy girls that assume their "baby daddy" will stay with them forever. We could start anywhere really. There's really a great variety. The scene little freshman sluts, to the ghetto groups (that think they're in a legitimate gang) of streamwood high. We could go on for hours but i think anyone that would search Streamwood High on UrbanDictionary would know what i'm talking about.
dude: So what school do you go to?
other dude: Streamwood High School.
dude: Wow, that must suck.
by shs attendent January 18, 2009