Straight hair that has no excitement like curly hair. It's just dead and boring to look at. Nothing interesting about it.
"I'm glad i don't have dead hair. I got excitement on my head!" lol
by ananana July 2, 2007
A hair-style which is commonly found on anime characters which are
1) mothers
2) going to die (mostly early on)

The hairstyle is a loosely tied thick pony-tail which is slumped over one shoulder.

Common examples are:
-The mother of the Elric-brothers in "Fullmetal Alchemist"
- Eren's mother in "Attack on Titan"
A: "Oh shit! That MILF has dead mom hair."
B: "Welp, now we know eho's gonna die first."
by Pyronomicon July 10, 2017