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1. Shortened name of the mixed alcohol drink "Harvey Wallabanger" The mixed drink consisting of

Vodka, orange juice and grenadine or Galliano.

2. A sexual act performed standing against a wall.
1. The customer ordered a Wallabanger from the bartender.
2. At the party they stepped inside a coat closet for a quick wallabanger. To her surprise, she found herself knocked up two weeks later.
by shrew88 June 06, 2011

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kiss, schmooch, schmoochi, shmooch, schmuchin, shmuchin, smooch, smoochin, smoochy, smoocharooni, smack, sugar, sugar smack, schmoochers, smucker, smuckarooni
Give your gramma a schmooch
by shrew88 May 30, 2011

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