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An excellent tobacco product from Sweden. Comes in portion and loose.

Portion is a pouch of snus that is usually placed under the upper lip.

Loose snus is formed into a pris by hand or with a special tool (Prismaster, icetool, etc.). Loose is usually used by more experienced users.

Snus contains more nicotine than cigarettes but is much safer simply because there is no smoke. The tobacco is steam cured and sometimes pasteurized to remove deadly or cancer causing TSNAs. The 4 main ingredients in snus are salt, water, flavorings, and of course - Tobacco.

Snus can be used anywhere. It is barely noticeable under the lip and you don't need to spit while using it.

Snus carries a warning that it CAN cause cancer. Cancer as a direct use of snus is very rare.
Paul: Hey man can I bum a ciggy?

Evan: Don't use them anymore. You can have some snus, its a lot safer and tastes great.
by shortiee4 July 25, 2008
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