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I-LAND is a survival show that started on the 27th of June and had ended on the 18th of September, debuting the new boygroup of 2020, ENHYPEN, consisting of 7 members. 23 trainees had participated on I-LAND and out of the 23, only 7 could debut. There was a total of 8 tests, 4 in I-LAND Part 1 and another 4 in I-LAND Part 2.

*Eggie is the fandom name for those who watched I-LAND. It is a predebut fandom name.
Eggie 1: Did you watch I-LAND?
Eggie 2: Yeah! I was so sad about trainee dropping out though :(
by sheepgarrden September 20, 2020
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RAS is the english version of the Korean inside joke in I-LAND (now debut group ENHYPEN).
In Korean, the word RAS in romanised Korean is "wonbunsu".
RAS meaning: Resentment, Anger and Shame.

This joke started from I-LAND trainee, Jay, when in episode 2 of I-LAND he kept on raising his hand for a part, and that was until he got part 8.
Jay has many RAS moments ,from episode 2 of I-LAND, the scene of picking parts embarrassing himself, to episode 7 of I-LAND, crying because 6 trainees from the I-LAND had to move down to the GROUND.

This inside joke is very popular among the trainees. In episode 11, part 2 of I-LAND they were giving roles for who was going to do what for cleaning. Heeseung (another trainee that ended up debuting in ENHPYEN) recommended Jay to wipe the windows because of his RAS moment in episode 7 of I-LAND part 1.

*In the conversation below Eggie is the fandom name for people who watched I-LAND. An egg was one of the main structures in the I-LAND.
Jay: I have so many RAS moments.
New eggie: RAS? What is that?
Jay: Resentment, anger, shame. Technically, regret. For example in that one episode I cried when trainees were leaving the I-LAND. I don't think I looked too good. Especially with Jungwon (another trainee that ended up debuting in ENHYPEN) next to me looking so beautiful even when crying.
by sheepgarrden September 20, 2020
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