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A stupid and lame new party idea where both male and female friends and family members are invited over to the house of a pregnant woman where the gender, usually unbeknownst to even the future parents, of the unborn baby is revealed via some elaborate display where either the color blue (boy) or pink (girl) is shown. Basically, it is an unnecessary excuse for a party for millennials aimed at grabbing both money and attention, in addition to a baby shower.
Rob: I was invited to a gender reveal party this weekend.
Andrew: What is that?
Rob: Some party where some pregnant lady tells everyone the gender of her unborn baby.
Andrew: Sounds stupid.
Rob: Totally. But my wife's dragging me to it.
by sharkster August 24, 2017
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The most viscous taunt you can give an opponent while rebounding a basketball. It refers to the board man (rebounder) being rewarded (gets paid) for his ball fetching efforts. The phrase will surely strike fear in the opposing team. Can also be applied to other events in life when somebody is owning another person or people.
The Claw grabbed a rebound and quietly uttered "board man gets paid." The other team subsequently forfeited the game.
by sharkster June 12, 2019
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A term coined after the sudden and unprecedented emergence of Jeremy Lin, an American-born athlete of Chinese/Taiwanese descent, into NBA stardom. His story is so intriguing because he is the first American-born Asian athlete in the NBA and because his rise came after being undrafted and overlooked by the NBA. Oh, and he as a degree in economics from Harvard. If you admire Jeremy Lin, and can't get enough of watching him play, you are said to have linsanity.
Jim: What are you doing?!? You never watch the NBA.

Bob: Yeah...well that was before I became diagnosed with a case of linsanity.
by sharkster February 16, 2012
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A term uttered when you wish to avoid the rightful condemnation of a group of people with with you are a member.
KKK member: the cross burning that occurred yesterday outside the black household was the result of the actions of many sides, many sides.
by sharkster August 16, 2017
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Verb. To be whipped by a year old belt that was pissed on by a drunk ass girl as she was carried on a hairy boys shoulder
Don’t make me rusty belt u tonight dirty girl!
by sharkster February 17, 2018
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