When you grab rebounds while playing basketball, basically by automatic. Like a cyborg on the court. Also known as: Kawhi Leonard.
Damn, Kawhi's gonna get buckets off that rebound! He's a board man. "Board man gets paid." Someone's about to get buckets.
by jansst29 June 6, 2019
The most viscous taunt you can give an opponent while rebounding a basketball. It refers to the board man (rebounder) being rewarded (gets paid) for his ball fetching efforts. The phrase will surely strike fear in the opposing team. Can also be applied to other events in life when somebody is owning another person or people.
The Claw grabbed a rebound and quietly uttered "board man gets paid." The other team subsequently forfeited the game.
by sharkster June 12, 2019
1) Popularized by NBA superstar Kawhi Leonard, the board man, who is the person doing all the hard work of rebound that is usually not in the spotlight of the basketball game. The saying in this context simply means anyone who is working hard should get a matching reward for their hard work.

2) This saying can also be traced back to Afro-Caribbean communities where during the table games such as pool or ping pong, the board man is the third person who ensures the game is fair. In this context the saying means that whoever contributes to the success of anyone or anything, should be rewarded as well for their continuations.
Emergency workers deserve to be recognized and rewarded by our society just as entertainers. I mean, the board man gets paid, yeah?