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its when everyone is wasted at a summer party, and your buddy has his pick of one smoking hot girl that wants to fuck, and one fat girl that wants to fuck. he picks the fat one because she "tricks" him by saying he can put it any where he wants.
"man we were at that awesome party last night, i cant believe he fucked that extremely fat chick!" "yea i know, he must have the tire rometto complex"
by shallowthoughtsby AB March 12, 2009
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its when you take a real classy girl to a love movie ie the notebook, and while she crying at the saddest part in the movie, you get her to jerk you off, using her tears as lubricant.
i took that classy skank to see the notebook, and she gave me the teary eyed knob wash
by shallowthoughtsby AB March 03, 2009
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its the girlfriend that doesnt let her boyfriend out of her sight, makes his decisions, and has his balls in a jar above her desk, thus she's driving HIS bus
Man remember when dustin could come hang out whenever he wanted? his girlfriend is a real bus driver!
by shallowthoughtsby AB March 04, 2009
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