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A heavy user of marijuana, such that they are constantly sucking on a joint like a fluffer sucks dick.
Man, the ped-mall is packed with joint fluffers today.
by shake'n'bake April 26, 2011
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To be unprepared for a completely foreseeable situation and to respond in a way as to make the situation far worse.

Named for Michigan/NFL Wide Receiver Mario Manningham.
A: "Can you believe the teams that were going to pay me millions of dollars asked about my failed drug tests?"

B: "Yeah, I can, it makes a lot of sense for them to. What did you do?"

A: "Got all offended then lied about it"

B: "Aren't they going to check up on that?"

A: "Oh shit, probably."

B: "Nice job, Manninghaming that one."
by shake'n'bake March 09, 2009
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