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Double-dicking, v. - Early 21st century hoin’ vernacular

a. flirting, conversating, or dancing with two males at the same time

b. the occurrence of dating two men within a 24 hour period

c. the practice of select and limited non-monogamy, i.e. simultaneously dating two men over a period of time

d. the feat of having some type of sexual activity with two dudes in a period of 24hours

e. a male to female to male threesome; or a male to male to male threesome

f. the act by men or women of using double-dong dildos during sexual activity

a. I thought she was going home with both of them dudes the way she was double-dicking at the club last night.

b. She'd gotten in the habit of double-dicking Nesean and Orishio on Saturdays.

c. She double-dicking and ain't ready to settle down yet.

d. Double-dicking really ain't my thing.

e. That was some serious double-dicking in that flick.

f. Requiem For a Dream has the best double-dicking scene ever.

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1. double-dick, n.1 — a precarious situation; to be very involved at the busiest or most active stage of a situation or activity

2.double-dick, n2—bullshit, rubbish, nonsense. Sense the possiblity of a double-dick is damn near impossible.

3. double-dick, n.3 — 21st century dance originating in the south

4. double-dick, n.4 - a sex toy (see feeldoe)

1. I can’t talk right now, works got me caught up in a double-dick.

1a. When he’s in the middle of a double-dick, he don’t always have time to think things through.

2.He gave me some double-dick about why he couldn’t make it to the meeting.

2a. If that ain’t some double-dick, I don’t know what is.

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