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yardville, nj

a suburb of trenton in hamilton township, know for being skummy & filled with hoodrats, potheads, & pill poppin animals. madd wiggers & the occasional nigger that takes the bus from trenton everyday to chill.

switlik park- narked the fuck out where everyone gets bumped or jumped

dover- fuckin preppy jocks mostly hamilton west & sometimes the steinert pussies, chill til 2am all year round, (rain, snow, 100 degree weather); bring out lawn chairs, soccer balls & do a whole lot of nothing for hours. maybe hot box your hoopty if your crazy enough.

tracks- youngins fuck; cummy condoms scattered all about the ground.

the sev- 14 year olds fish for boags & dutchies

bobby, corndick, bri harper
chazzy<3, coconut boy, a.weezy, skybear, big L, tj, ronald
keith (11 yr. old who smokes crack with bobby's hill billy ass),

zuzzio-cant keep his hands out the cookie jar ;]
by sexcii_bytch January 16, 2010

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