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The Seminar on the United Nations and International Affairs. An amazing summer camp taking place in Alberta Canada. A academic, recreational, spiritual, camp and overall an amazing fun time . Focusing on the role of the United Nations, International Affairs and our worlds many global problems and possible solutions.
Dude, did you go to S.U.N.I.A. this summer?
by SeanB December 15, 2006
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Can refer to either a woman or a vagina. Also quality of woman is denoted by a corresponding quality of couch. A very sexy woman would be referred to as a Venetian Love Seat, whereas a very large woman would be referred to as a sectional.
"I'm sorry dude, I was drunk last night and ended up sleeping on your couch."
"Good luck on the couch shopping tonight at the party."
"Dude, why are you even looking, don't you have a damn fine couch back at home?"
by seanb August 01, 2006
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