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hamilton island human microcosm
"i cant belive it's just like a little city, only the government is a business", hamilton island human microcosm (himn)
by sean bradley was ere March 09, 2008
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Rehab - A place where people who are have addiction to something, whateva i' is, go to get better so that the press leaves them alone.
Used by people who have gone in and out of rehab many times.
The H becomes lazy.
First coined by Kerry (Chipshop) Katona
by sean bradley was ere January 17, 2008
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"The Thinker",
the finger

chav slang action,
arms slanched, swaying
man wiv hand
under head
don't ja know the fucken finker?
by sean bradley was ere February 13, 2008
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A term used by the germans, to describe nice jewelry.
It was actually a mis interpretation by the Germans of the true meaning.
Before the Holocaust, the Jewish would always comment on how nice someones wifes shmuck looked,
"Oh wot lovely schmuck you are wearing",
The Germans initially took this as some kind of compliment, and blushed at such fine appreciation,
The German population in it's enthusiasm embraced this new Jewish word and used it with affection and associated it with, "arn't those Jewish just lovely"
Until one day, they finally realized, that they'd been had.
And that schmuck actually meant the bit of penis that is removed during circumsion
"Oh, wot lovely schmuck your wife is wearing", says Jewish chancellor to German politician
by sean bradley was ere January 29, 2008
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