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Sheffield (England) band, featuring Alex Turner, Jamie Cook, Andy Nicholson and Matt Helders. Universally loved for their conversational, colloquialism-heavy lyrics (bordering on the pretentious); solid rock sound and accented vocals. The band was formed around 2002, and released two UK No. 1's in 2005. Their album, 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not', was released on 23 January, 2006, and criticised by some for displaying a man smoking on the cover (to which I say: as if kids want to look like that guy!)
Me: Hey, have you heard that new Arctic Monkeys song?
Friend: Yeah, I love Arctic Monkeys! Are you going to their Sydney gig?
by scrabelle April 19, 2006
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Word describing a friend, recognisably Australian though also used in Britain and New Zealand. In Australia, the term is most commonly used between men, when they cannot remember each other's names.
Man 1: Hey mate, how you going?
Man 2: I'm alright mate - hey mate, isn't that a mate of yours?
by scrabelle April 29, 2006
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