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Term used to describe American or Australian model cars hosting large powerful motors produced between 1960's-1970's. These are TRUE cars that will tear up tarmac with the force of a huge roaring V8 with hardcore torque with the absence of cheesey gadgets and microships that infest the weak 4 cylinder rice rockets that plague the roads these days.
Muscle Cars :
Pontiac GTO (holden monaro)
Buick Skylark
Chev Chevelle
Plymouth roadrunner
Holden Monaro GTS
Holden Torana

by schizer December 07, 2006
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To grab someone on the balls with incredible force with the intent to inflict severe pain and discomfort. A method of interrogation used by the Nazi Gestapo who discovered that even the most hardest of men would spill the beans when their jewels were being crushed.
Dude why are you walking so funny?
Well i was hitting on some chick in the bar and said the wrong thing. Next thing i knew she gave a me gestapo and i was on the ground puking
by schizer December 07, 2006
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