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Originated as a term used by hackers to describe gaining possession of a system, having hacked a box and got root they basically control it as much as if it was theirs, thus it could be considered owned by them. From this it was encorporated into the cultures vernacular including the limited(and awkward to type) vocabulary of so called l33t speak(0wn3d) Would-be hackers would come to use the phrase when taking someone out with a ping flood or other DoS attack, and although no access to the victim's system (typically another newbie hanging around on the same irc channel speaking in numbers) was gained yet they were still said to be owned. From there is came to simply mean bettering (or fucking over) someone and was even used to describe non-computer based events as described in the many other definitions. Though now its most common in CS games when someone kills you...

With the original use of the word it would seem most people I see using XP dont even own their own system :p
I own www.msn.com

I fucking 0wn3d j00 n00b!!

Batman ownz the Joker (again)
by savagegump February 11, 2005

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A phrase used by my girlfriend to describe hip-hop often broadened to describe any form of music(noteably those associated with decks) that I like and which she doesnt ie drum'n'bass, trance, trip-hop, hardcore, old skool...
thank god she likes punk and ska or it could just get nonsensical.

Now adopted by most people we know to describe hip-hop music especially that with fine examples of turntablism.

Ok perhaps a tad personal (but more people should start using it!) I anticipate a removal.
I not really into that wicky wicky crap.

DJ Yoda is quality wicky wicky!
by savagegump February 11, 2005

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Dodgy, lucky or flukey.

Probably derived from shook ie the past tense of shake. Kinda makes sense if you consider something described as "a bit shaky"
Dont worry about that noise my car is bit shooky/shook but we'll get there ok...

You shooky git I cant believe you pulled that off.

This is the shooky part of town.

You are truely the king of shook mate!
by savagegump February 11, 2005

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Can mean simply

1. Walking (as above tbh)

but also describes

2. An over-exaggerated style of walking characterized by a kind of swaying bouncing motion(ok that's not the best description just think almost comically exaggerated-walking) bearing a confident stance.

Most commonly employed by rude boys (and I mean the chav kind not the ska kind) seemingly to convey a "I'm the man!" persona but often overdone to the point of looking like an idiot.

All the same a slight bowl can help to make you appear confident (if only in the eyes of chav's) and can minorly improve your chances of getting started on by a gang of rude boys (as opposed to shuffling past nervously) I justify "the bowl" because being from essex(one of the lovely chav heartlands of england) I'm told by mates from nicer parts of the country that I sometimes have a slight bowl (albeit a subtle one)

My message bowling is ok, by all means cultivate an air of streetwise confidence but just try not to look silly.

ps I'm not anti-chav (some of my best mates fit well into that category) my comments simply reflect that I've never seen a skater/punk/greebo with an excessive bowl or for that matter one that will try to start a fight with a complete stranger...

and your probably still thinking what is a bowl?
1. I'll bowl down there inna minute.

2. Look at the bowl on him! oh dear.

Should you spot a particularly bad perpetrator you could use the phrase "Do you want some fruit with that (bowl) mate!" should hopefully go right over anyones head who behaves in such a ludicrous manner, but you still have a fairly good chance of getting your head kicked in as even if they dont understand offence is easily taken.. oh but I digress.
by savagegump February 11, 2005

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