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Jack Barakat

Jack Barakat:(n.) an EXTREMELY gorgeous guitarist for an AMAZING band, All Time Low. He and Alex Gaskarth (lead singer, lead guitarist) recruited Rian Dawson (drummer) and Zack Merrick (bass guitarist) and the four went on tour, immediately becoming a crowd favorite with their winning personalities and amazing talents. Jack has started his own clothing line for Glamour Kills (JAGK) and is possible the most popular member of the band. Well, besides Alex:) Jack is very random and funny and, although he plays guitar, it does not necessarily mean that he is good at it;) He jokes around about everything, from Alex's curvy, blue penis to herpes to fish. You can find out what other things Jack and the rest of the band joke about in interviews on Youtube. just type in "All Time Low Interviews" and go from there:)
Jack Barakat: only bested by Alexander William Gaskarth
by sarahmichelle:) April 04, 2009

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The Undead Army is the (rather large) group of fans who follow Hollywood Undead. Many of these "scenesters", as some would say, tend to wear masks to HU concerts, know many, most, or all of Hollywood Undead's songs, and the true Army is not afraid to show it's love for Hollywood Undead.

Undead for Life<3
Yeah, I'm in the Undead Army.
Yeah, I'm proud.
Yeah, I'm Undead for Life<3
by sarahmichelle:) March 10, 2009

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