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A girl/boy who uses any way possible to get attention, if this is not bad enough the attention sucker actually GETS attention by people who are intimidated OR suck up to him/her.
Attention sucker (A.S): oh my god my mum slapped me last night.
Sucker upper (S.U): oh! (name of A.S)your poor girl/boy you can have my lunch AND my money if you like.
A.S: i slit my wrists last night.
S.U:yah, so did i.
A.S: omg! why the hell did you do it you arent as depressed as me, what good enouh reason have you got!?
S.U:my dad died.
A.S:omg as if thats a good reason!
S.U: whats your reason then?
A.S:i banged my funny-bone
by sarahdsaugih June 2, 2007
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A person who thinks their fly with the latest gadget/music, there wold be no problem with it apart from this person is about 6 months late and the gadget he/she was showing off about is proberbly on sale by now and the music is SO last year that nobody wants to hear it.
Fly-down:YO! check out my iPod, bet you havent seen one of these babys, its like an MP3 but hell allot better! you wanna touch it? nope! sorry no dirty fingers allowed you better put that doughnut down first.
Annoyed (ex)friend:Dude, everyones got an iPod, i bought one last summer.
Fly-down:yeh..i know..*looks as if he/she already knew that and was trying to joke about it*
by sarahdsaugih June 2, 2007
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That annoying intake of air everyone takes before they cough.
if it doesnt get you frustrated then you are a VERY laid back person
*breath in**cough*
(how annoying)
(hence coughbreathe)
by sarahdsaugih June 2, 2007
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