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a really nice school with an equally nicely funded student body. located in the prestigious city of boca raton, florida, down the street from the spanish river beach. some of the wealthiest offspring in the world come here to lynn, representing over 90 countries and 40 states. everyone comes from money, and they make sure you know it, too. flashy cars and flashy clothes are everywhere. everyone has either a yacht, private jet, a condo or beach house in deerfield or palm beach or another house in connecticut or new york, a sports car, and the like. everyone is from the tri state area, or some random place in florida or the northwest. tanning by the swimming pools is a major priority here and there is no such thing as tan lines. classes aren't rigorous by any means, however the school is engaging when it part takes in the student body's favorite activities such as binge drinking and passing out on the lake. lynn is like it's own world and is like a bubble. students have little sense of reality and are all here on a trust fund or the financial support of their well-off parents. to summarize lynn, it's affluent hot girls and guys set in the perfect tropical setting.
lynn university has the perfect boca raton setting.
by saraellis June 04, 2010

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