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One of the most disgusting ways to ingest DXM.

Thicker, nastier, and less potent than the far superior Maximum Strength Robotussin, an eight-ounce bottle of Vicks contains 474mg of dextromethorphan, which to a seasoned DXM-head "ain't shit".
"Yeah, I dig closed-eye-visuals, but I'm not drinking Vicks 44, man! Come on, it tastes like the fuckin' devil, man!"
by sanfud n sun April 30, 2006

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Slang term for very small pieces of marijuana, often found at the bottom of the bag or in users car.
Me: "Yo, get them scriddlins on the floor. Yeah, right there, under the bottle. Okay, load 'em up."
by sanfud n sun April 16, 2006

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Cannibalizing numerous cigarette butts and rolling the resulting tobacco in a mangled paper bag that your 40 came in. It's tight.
Me: "I'm drunk."
Nate: "Me too."
Me: "Lets roll a fat ciggabagg, nigga."
Nate: "Tight, my nigga."
by sanfud n sun November 09, 2006

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When the sink in your bathroom is so clogged from bubbler water that you can take your sink apart and scrape the insides for resin and get mad blunted and shit.
Nate: "Let's scrape the sink, nigga"
Me: "Shit, yeah, nigga. Get mad blunted and shit."
by sanfud n sun November 18, 2006

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Music that is sweet to listen to under the influence of marijuana.

Be aware that the majority of mainstream music that is often considered to be stoner music usually sucks and is played out like a motherfucker.

For example, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon should be substituted with Electric Wizard's Dopethrone, regardless of personal taste.
Sonic Youth's album Sister is great stoner music.
by sanfud n sun May 01, 2006

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