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any annoying twit at your job or other location that you unfortunately had to interact with. One who is full of him/herself and full of sh*t. (do I even need to add that you're tempted to punch them in the head or is that a given?)

see also: side-kick douche
"omg, I couldn't focus on my work, that annoying desk douche, Derek, was making the rounds and boasting to everyone on how he single-handedly saved the company millions when it was really the contractor that was hired that was responsible for it."

"when the desk douche swings by my desk, his annoying conversations make my brain want to jump out of my skull and run away screaming."

"desk douche thinks that his/her rude, inappropriate jokes are hilarious, but no one else is laughing...no one..."
by sandycan January 06, 2012

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friend of douche or desk douche who unfortunately encourages desk douche's behavior by being their "yes man" and laughing at their dumb jokes, etc
"oh, here we go, here comes the dynamic duo of desk douche, Derek, and his side-kick douche, Stan...somebody get me a bottle of scotch, I need to be drunk for this"

"did you see how side-kick douche was laughing at his ridiculous jokes? It's ridiculous how he kisses his butt, no one else finds desk douche funny or amusing...or intelligent for that matter"
by sandycan January 06, 2012

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