3 definitions by sandikun

1. To slip them a mickey. To drug their beverage. To roofie them. What's this in my drink?

2. The only valid response "what's this in my drink?", "why is the van moving?", and "am I being kidnapped?"

3. A phrase to be said whenever the topic of kidnapping or the drugging of beverages is relevant.
Mary: Dan will never love me back! What can I do to make him love me?
Sarah: Baby it's cold outside him. Boys love that.

Taro: Where the hell am I? Why am I tied up?
Ayano: Baby, it's cold outside..~

Kotonoha: So apparently friend Yuno slipped pills in her man's coke, tied him up, and fed him beef stew and called it "a date".
Yuri: Baby it's could outside.
by sandikun December 6, 2019
To maliciously cut out a small part of a conversation (cut video, cropped screenshot) to make it look like a person said or did something they didn't. In other words, a specific type of no-context clip/image presented as proof and meant to mislead.
Sarah: Did really say that rape shouldn't be criminalized? You're a monster!
Steve: No..?
Sarah: I have proof, don't lie to me! We can't have psychopaths like you running around!
*Sarah sends screenshot*
Steve: Oh. Someone jobied that. I can send you the full conversation if you want. I actually was arguing how rape is a serious crime and shouldn't be compared to internet flirting.
Sarah: You're a liar!
*Steve sends screenshots*
Sarah: Oh, I feel dumb now. Why would someone do that?!

Jack: I don't approve of gay or transgender, because of my religion.
John: The Bible tells you to love thy brother and judge not, lest ye be judged. You can jobey it to say anything you want to, but don't put words in God's mouth.
by sandikun December 4, 2019
Short for yandere. Often used by self-identified yanderes and weeaboos who are into yandere characters. Can be used to refer to anything between obsessive love and eliminating anyone between them and their senpai. Also used to refer to stalkers.
Yukiteru: Not sure, but my girlfriend's possibly yan, she sent 500 texts to me yesterday and tried to call me 14 times...

Ayano: I'm yan AF *waves knife*
Osana: bitch u crazy

Kotonoha: I just started watching future diary, Makoto-kun!
Makoto: The girl there is a total yan and my waifu
*Kotonoha picks up machete*

Monika: I think I might be yan, every time I see my crush with other girls, I want to commit murder.
Yuri: No way, we can be yan buddies!
Monika: Yay! MC-Kun is mine!
*Yuri reaches for knife*

Satou: Oh my gosh, I am YAN for this boy in my physics class! I took pics of him, found his facebook, and even stole his pens!!
by sandikun June 7, 2019