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The after effects of an excessive hysterical reaction to something minor, especially where that reaction happened deliberately and in front of a group of people in order to get attention or recruit support from them. The perpetrator is said to have "caused", "created" or "stirred up" pussydrama.

Can refer to a similar kind of online forum or messageboard behaviour, when someone over-reacts to a minor or imagined diss.

Note that it is written as one word, not hyphenated.
"I only said I didn't really like the dude much - why did he have to go getting everyone else involved and stirring up pussydrama?"
by samuelLsamson July 20, 2009
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A combination of fap (masturbate) and 'fantasy,' this word - logically enough - means a fantasy that inspires or accompanies self pleasuring. It can be used literally or metaphorically.
I was in the shower last night, baby, and I had an awesome faptasy about you.

Signing Rasheed Wallace may be your faptasy, but I think he's past it.
by samuelLsamson September 04, 2009
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