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a crime that requires

1. 10 Billion dollars per year in laser and radar guns
2. Over 500,000+ State Troopers nationwide in which all they do is pull people over for speeding and thats it
3. Insurance companies pay another 1 to 5 Billion in funding Police radar/laser and a excuse to raise insurance rates.

It is also a crime equal to jaywalking, or playing your music a little to loud aka a stupid small crime that is 2 Billion times enforce that EVERYONE in THE WORLD commits.

So all put together- A ticket written by a Cop (who has BIG EGO than to fight REAL CRIME) who finds speeding 15 over a HORRIBLE Crime and fines you 100 bucks and points on your license and over 400 dollars in increased insurance rates over the years in which SCREWS you for 3 to 5 years in insurance and points, and is the number one offense (175 million tickets are written each year) committed BY EVERYONE in the U.S. who pay there taxes, obey every single law, to get written up for a running pace to fast on a INTERSTATE that is in the MIDDLE OF KANSAS!!
175 million speeding tickets are written each year cause going 15 over is apparently A REALLY BAD HORRIBLE, THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO!!! Crime even though you obey every other LAW AND PAY every bit of TAX to be fucked by a speeding ticket that raises insurance rates by 10 to 20% and a screws you for 3 to 5 years cause you were speeding 15 over on a 10 mile straight stretch on a INTERSTATE in Kansas......

by ryfly May 03, 2008
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