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Instead of sun and fun on the beach or anything resembling a normal life you do meth steal things to buy more meth and visit jail more than your parents.
We thought he was going places till he was caught stealing copper wire from the church. Now it's jail and Meth Life for him.
by russBguss November 30, 2014
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"Betting on the Come" is derived from a gambling expression and means you don't have what you want or need, now at the moment; but, you are betting or hoping you will have what you want or need when the time come
He thought he would win the lottery but he was just betting on the come.
by russBguss November 7, 2013
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untreated mental illness. pronounced ewme
She just can't stay in a relationship because of her UMI, untreated mental illnesse
by russBguss August 8, 2016
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