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Prudish, straitlaced, unfun. Ruining the fun in the name of the Lord. See Mormony
I offered him a beer and he lectured me about Jesus. He's being so christiany.
by runTommyrun July 31, 2010

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A slang term used widely in the US Army, hooah has many meanings. The most prevalent is "my brain is switched off, but my mouth is working anyway," or "you're an idiot, but you're also my superior officer, and I need a good evaluation, so sure, whatever you want." A synonym of the word 'like' as used by teenage girls. A filler word used in conversation, without meaning. Hooah may also be considered by the intellectually-challenged as proof of motivation, i.e. a soldier who is being being evaluated in a leadership training environment, must in some way prove that he/she is 'motivated'. Rather than focusing on delivering superior performance or demonstrating a high level of capability by which to be evaluated, the wise soldier will instead yell 'hooah' loudly and repeatedly at colleagues in order to sufficiently motivate them. (Hooah, like 'utilize,' should be stricken from the Army vocabulary.)
Quit saying that word. Shut up and think! This is a hooah-free zone!
by runTommyrun August 02, 2010

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